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Laser Wood Cutting Laser Wood Cutting

Laser Wood Cutting

Laser cutting technology provides any user of the laser wood cuts with the opportunity to make any intricate form wooden parts or objects (like architectural models, toys, die-boards and other of the kind), not achieved by other processes.

What is more, it is able to guarantee the superior edge quality, and you also won’t have to fulfill any secondary processing of the surface. Laser wood cutting machines are a safe and efficient kind of equipment, suggesting you the simple way of cutting wood and producing wooden objects and parts of the most complicated shapes and of wide range of sizes.

Laser cutting equipment is able to process any kind of wood (solid ones inclusive), as well as veneer, plywood, MDF and laminates.

CO2 laser cutting technology has a wide range of advantages. Among the most generally mentioned ones there are:

This wood processing and cutting method uses a high-powered laser to vaporize or burn away material and in this way creates the needed forms and designs. This is the contact-free technology that doesn’t need any contacting between the constituent parts of laser system and material processed.

For the processing and cutting of other, thinner kinds of materials like paper, fabric or plastic the laser systems are equipped with the Integrated Vacuum Table holding the material while working.

This kind of equipment will for sure provide its users with the perfect performance in relation of the image or design needed and displayed on the screen and also the ability to cut several models or parts out of one and the same material piece.

Laser wood cutting machines users can take an advantage of using wide range of computer programs like CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and Adobe software, for example, to program the image or the design needed to the laser.