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Types of Grinding Machines Types of Grinding Machines

Types of Grinding Machines

Grinders as tools were designed for the fine surfaces finish with a very small amount of the surface material removed.

The configurations of these machines were changing over the years together with the constant changes in customers demands and needs and the range of grinders applications. In our days there are several types of grinding machines more often used such as the surface grinder, the universal tool and cutter grinder, and the cylindrical grinder.

Belt grinders are used for processing metal and other surfaces with the help of coated abrasives. Belt grinding suits for lots of materials like metal or wood, and is good for deburring, stock removal and surface finish. Sanding and grinding are different types of belt grinders functions used for wood or metal correspondingly.

Bench grinders are mostly used for roughing and surface finishing, performed by means of two wheels of different grain sizes. They are often used to shape the tool bits or tools being out of repair, or can even be used to make tools. They are secured to a workbench and as a rule are manually operated.

Cylindrical grinders are the machines with multiple grinding wheels. They are usually used to give the cylindrical form to the work piece while rotating it and feeding past the wheel (or wheels).

Surface grinders process the work pieces with the help of adjustable grinding head. In contrast to the other types of grinding machines here the work piece processed is as a rule fixed to the table moving back and forth, with the help of special magnetic stock. As for the surface grinding machines, there is a wide choice of automatically (with CNC controls) or manually operated ones.

Tool and Cutter grinders as well as the D-bit grinders are mostly used for the drill and bit grinding and are able to perform a wide range of other tool room functions.

Jig grinders are generally used to grind holes and pins and are also able to finish dies, jigs and fixtures. One more application of this type of grinders is complex surface grinding after the prior work piece processing on a mill.