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Safety Rules For Milling Machine Safety Rules For Milling Machine

Safety Rules For Milling Machine

Because of the inherent safety risks involved in using milling machines, it is necessary to follow very precise rules when operating them.

Rules for safely and correctly operating milling machines:

The proactive rules listed below are meant to supplement those rules already discussed throughout Chapter one.

Please make sure to do the following:

Avoid all contact with the cutting mechanisms.

Cover the surface of the work table in order to curb the possibility of destruction.

Always make sure you have help rearranging heavy-weight fixtures.

If you are using electric power, do not try to adjust the arbor nuts.

Make sure to hold all sharp materials with some sort of cloth, in order to avoid injuring yourself.

Always make sure that the sharp blade of the cutter is the last thing you install when creating your workspace.

If the machine is on, do not try to move or change any settings or parts.

Any waste materials produced by the machine should not be touched. It is important to use the correct cleaning materials when you handle these products.